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The Board of Water Works of Pueblo, Colorado (Pueblo Water), approached interGen with an existing Joomla based website that they liked.  What they didn't like is that their site did not display well on mobile devices and that their previous developer had gone out of business. This left them without recourse for support and service. Fortunately, their site had been built in a widely used open source Content Management System.

While internal staff at Pueblo Water had done due diligence to assure a continuously secure and stable environment, the site was a major version of the software out of date. The key was to migrate to the latest version while providing continuous service on the live site.

The template for the site also needed to be re-programmed for mobile responsiveness. In addition, it was important to keep all their registered users, content, and design elements. This was a migration to an updated platform not a rebuild. If the previous developer had used a proprietary software package, Pueblo Water would have incurred significant costs in time and money rebuilding their site from scratch in order to secure the support that they needed.

InterGen provided the needed migration and updates to their system and is pleased to continue to provide hosting and support for Pueblo Water.

The future prosperity of Pueblo is tied directly to the readily available supply of high-quality water, and Pueblo Water employees specialize in the many skills needed to manage, engineer, operate and maintain Pueblo's water system and sources of supply.

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