For those of us in a professional services industry, service is key to our success, if not our survival. We hear the term “Customer Service” tossed around by companies large and small, on a daily basis, to the point that we almost don’t think about what it really means. 

For interGen, customer service means developing and maintaining strong positive relationships with our clients. We understand that technology is a “necessary evil” to many people, so we work hard to make your problems or questions about your website and how it functions as painless as possible for you.

As a small company, providing great customer service is all that more important. One way we do that is to give you a choice of how much access you want to the inner workings of your website. With most web companies, you do not have the ability to make updates, add pages, change photos, etc. The web company does all that work for you-for a price. Since you don’t have access to your website, you are locked in to their service and their pricing.

At interGen, we are completely transparent about the functions of your website. Our subscription service provides UNLIMITED TRAINING for our Gold-level subscribers. We will teach you how to do anything you want to learn to do on your website, at no additional cost. If you don’t want anything to do with making changes or updates to your website, that’s ok too. Our silver and bronze subscribers prefer that we perform that work for them, and we simply charge for our time. In this way, we are providing our customers with the level of service they both want and need.